Are you pregnant, and is it time to tell your close ones? Are you thinking of pregnancy announcement gifts? We are so glad to help you find different gifts for this special moment.

First, congratulations on being pregnant; this is such a special moment for the mother-to-be, full of emotions and happiness. Now is your time, so take care of yourself by eating healthy, as we discussed before, and avoiding what may put you and your baby in danger.

Now is the pregnancy reveal moment for your loved ones and family members. Below, we are glad to help you find out how to tell each person in a special way, with the needed links to guide you immediately to what you are looking for.

Different ideas for pregnancy announcement gifts: 

It is time to find a special gift to tell your beloved ones about your coming angel. You will start preparing how to surprise each one and how to tell them your good news. You will be working to make this announcement so special.

Your announcement gifts don’t need to be so expensive or complicated; a simple thing can pass on the happiness and emotions of a mom-to-be to close friends and family members.

Below are our ideas to help you choose a special gift for each person.

Ways to announce your pregnancy to your partner:

1.Wooden Baby Announcement Box For Dad: This is a simple and creative way to announce pregnancy to your husband/partner. The package includes a pregnancy test keepsake box, a baby bodysuit, a pair of baby shoes, a pregnancy reveal card, and a kraft paper envelope.

2.Pregnancy Announcement For Dad Infant Bodysuit: Those are adorable infant bodysuits for fathers.

3.Daddy Pregnancy Test Keepsake Wooden Sign: A creative way to break the news and a lovely keepsake for your husband to remember the special moment.

4.Love At First Heartbeat Sonogram Picture Frame for Standard 4″ x 3″ Ultrasound Photo: It is a lovely present for pregnancy announcement, baby shower, gender reveal, baby welcome.

Pregnancy announcement gift for grandparents

1. Baby Sonogram Picture Keepsake Wooden Box: If you’re looking for a creative way to announce a pregnancy to your parents, this Baby Ultrasound Keepsake Box will be a great idea.

2. Grandma And Grandpa 2024 Coffee Mugs set: This funny coffee mug firing at a high temperature which can be used a long time without scratching and fading.

Ways to announce your pregnancy to sisters and brothers

  1. Smells Like Your are Going to be an Aunt Candle: White scented candles for men & women with rich soothing fragrance. Simply light this aromatherapy candles and enjoy the deep relaxing fragrance of lavender & vanilla scented candles.

2. Auntie’s Sippy Cup Wine Tumbler with Lid: 12 Oz Insulated tumbler is with Double-Wall vacuum technology to keep drinks hot for over 3 hours and cold for around 9 hours.

Funny pregnancy announcement ideas:

DINGSEN surprise Eggs : The idea of this baby announcement will make your family and friends surprised and pleasantly surprised about your pregnancy and expecting a baby.

Baby Coming Soon reveal gift: Surprise You’re About to Become A Babysitter onesie designed to help share the exciting news with daddy-to-be, grandparents, promoted to grandma-to-be or grandpa-to-be, uncle or aunt, great-grandparents, other family members, and friends in a special way.

4. Bun In The Oven – Baby Announcement Card: Another funny way to tell your friends and family members that you are having a bun in your oven 

This time is special for parents-to-be; they try to find the best way to tell their loved ones. We tried to make some research available to you so you can easily choose what fits you and figure out how you are going to tell everyone.

Having a baby is precious, and sharing the news can pass your happiness on to others. There are many popular pregnancy announcements that people use nowadays, so you can choose what suits you the most. You can choose a simple and inexpensive pregnancy announcement gift to share this moment with the people around you.

Enjoy every moment, as this time will pass so fast, and make sure to take care of yourself and adopt a healthy lifestyle so you are healthy throughout the pregnancy and even after.

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