Changes that occur in the mother’s body after childbirth are among the most stressful things for a woman.
It is normal for these changes to occur, mostly due to hormonal changes that occur after birth. Some new mothers may also experience depression due to the changes that accompany childbirth and baby care.

The most important changes in the mother’s body after childbirth

You should rest and move as much as you can and do not carry heavy objects, especially in the first months after birth, because carrying heavy objects will lead to the prolapse of the uterus and other organs. Mother needs some exercise, like Kegel, to strengthen her lower muscles. These exercises help women and men have greater control over their lower muscles, reducing the likelihood of urinary incontinence as they get older.

Weight gain
The fetus in the mother’s womb, usually in the ninth month, weighs about 3 kilograms. Due to the fluids surrounding the baby and the mother’s body fluids, a woman may gain weight up to 10 kilograms.
At this stage, eating healthy, in moderation and staying away from fast food, sugar, and artificial oils, as we mentioned earlier, will help her control her weight during pregnancy and make it easier for her to lose weight after giving birth.

Change in breast shape
At the end of pregnancy, the body begins to increase the secretion of the hormone prolactin, which helps the breasts prepare to produce milk for feeding the baby through breastfeeding. That is why the shape and size of the breast change, accompanied by a change in the color of the nipple as well. Some blue veins appear on the surface of the breast, and this is quite normal. 
This is common among all mothers and gives you the beautiful signs of motherhood that many women dream of.

Body pigmentation 
During pregnancy, hormonal changes can cause an increase in melanin, leading to changes in the color of certain parts of the body, such as the abdomen and neck. This change is most pronounced in people with darker skin, as some areas may become darker. However, these pigmentations usually disappear within about 6 months after birth.

Some homemade recipes help make the body smoother, such as making a coffee scrub, which consists of coffee, apple cider vinegar, water, and a little coconut oil, or you can make the oil after a shower to hydrate your body after exfoliation. This helps in cell renewal and deep hydration. 

Constant hunger 
This is quite normal. With breastfeeding, the mother needs to eat frequently. Try to get balanced and nutritious food and add nuts and fruits to your diet. As much as possible, avoid processed foods and sugar. 

After birth, many changes may affect a woman’s psychological well-being:

  • Sleeping:
  • Usually, a mother is nervous about her child, and this is what makes her check on him from time to time. Often, you can’t sleep like before because the baby is crying or because you’re breastfeeding. 
  • Try to sleep whenever your baby sleeps or if there is someone who can monitor them for some time so you can rest a little. Try to rest while the baby sleeps and work while the baby wakes up. Your health is the most important thing. When the new mother rests, she regains strength and will be able to smoothly continue her day while caring for her baby.
  • Breastfeeding: After birth, the stomach of a newborn baby cannot afford much, which is why it needs to be fed frequently, especially through growth spurts. As it grows, the baby’s stomach grows, and his stomach can receive more milk, making him fuller for longer.
    Perhaps you can try to breastfeed your baby more during the day to reduce his feeding at night. This takes some time and some training. After the first two months of the baby’s life, you can gradually train him not to fall asleep while breastfeeding and separate the time of breastfeeding from the time of bedtime. Starting in the sixth month, food can be given gradually.
  • The mother is stressed during the child’s illness and vaccination. As a mother, she will do everything she can. Just be comfortable and make sure everything will be better soon.
  • The presence of people next to the mother to support her is important, and here the role of the husband is important as he helps in reducing the burden on the mother.

After a natural or cesarean section, recovery will vary from woman to woman. Natural childbirth is faster to heal compared to a C-section. A cesarean takes several months before a woman can return to normal, while during natural childbirth, suturing in the perineal area improves after a week compared to abdominal stitches.
Every mother should know that what they are currently going through, no matter how difficult, will pass, and there will be days when you wish you could regain that time when your baby is in your hands as it was.
The changes that occur in the mother’s body after childbirth are very normal, and inevitably, with exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle (and following what we mentioned earlier before pregnancy and during pregnancy), it will heal faster and will be as before.

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