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My pregnancy experience was so unique and smooth that I still remember how happy I was. That’s why I want all moms to have the same experience as mine. This started with getting married to my true soul mate. My husband and I have been living a healthy and happy life since our marriage.

Each of us accepts the other and his opinion, which benefits both of us. Our life together remains as exquisite as it should be, with each of us prioritizing each other’s comfort and no one undervaluing the other.

We chose a healthy lifestyle, which in turn meant staying as far away as possible from bad nutrition or harmful habits, so I did not use any hormonal contraceptives.

Before marriage, I used to monitor my cycle using an application to track my ovulation and my period. This helped me know the ovulation time, practice isolation, and use other non-hormonal contraceptives as precautionary measures after marriage.

Below, I will clarify why this was the best pregnancy experience every mom wants to go through. 

After three years of marriage, we decided to have a baby, so it was easy for me to know more about the time of ovulation. The pregnancy took place, thanks to God and His will. As previously stated, your partner plays an important role in supporting you and easing the stages of pregnancy. 

Before pregnancy


  • I avoid using oils for cooking, opting instead for animal butter or ghee, as vegetable oils, particularly cooking oils, can be harmful due to their high heat content. I use other oils, such as olive oil and sesame, for salads and other cold dishes.

  • Consume healthy foods and avoid frying when cooking. Eat salads, vegetables, and a variety of foods as much as possible. And if you want to brown something, add a little butter, ghee, or olive oil to the oven. (1)

  • I rarely use white flour, but I do use different types of flour to make different things (for example, millet cake or wholemeal bread). 

  • I never use sugar. Honey and agave syrup can serve as substitutes for sugar in sweetening items such as tea and chocolate. And because I didn’t consume a lot of sugar and abstained from it a while ago, I don’t feel a craving for it. And this is the main idea: that you can gradually change your habits to make them healthier.

  • Exercise, walk, and use some weights at home to strengthen your body so that it can return to normal easier after giving birth.

  • Drink plenty of hot liquids (herbal teas) that are safe to drink during pregnancy, such as anise, chamomile, lemon leaves, guava, moringa, and whatever else you like. 

  • I avoided using milk a lot because of the hormones it contains and its long-term effects. I replaced it with fermented milk and yogurt.

  • A long time ago, I started making my own hair and body creams at home for myself and my daughter. You can mix olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil, and any other oils you love and melt them in a water bath, then perfume them with essential oils (be careful when choosing the essential oils, lavender essential oil is considered safe), let it cool, and then whisk it with a cake mixer to get a creamy texture.

  • You can always think positively when you practice meditation and acknowledge your many blessings. Try to always be happy.

Pregnancy period

I continued as I did before pregnancy and made no changes. I had regular appointments with my doctor to check on my pregnancy.

Pregnancy procedures differ from one country to another.


In France, there are compulsory examinations for pregnant women, such as an examination in the second month of pregnancy to see if the fetus has a probability of having Down syndrome. (1)

1. Periodic urine tests are needed to ensure that there is no gestational diabetes, dehydration, etc.
2. Blood pressure monitoring
3. Three or four ultrasound appointments to check the baby’s growth
4. Take folic acid and multivitamins after consulting a doctor.

5. Have a balanced diet and eat when feeling hungry.

6. Drinking lemon water or apple cider vinegar in the morning can help with nausea.

7. I used to walk more in the morning and in open air, and it helped the nausea disappear completely. 

8. Continue reading is necessary to learn everything about the baby and breastfeeding.

Your husband’s support throughout your pregnancy and childbirth helps a lot. He is the first supporter; you must go through pregnancy and childbirth together. What makes my experience so special is that involving my husband in all aspects of pregnancy and childbirth helped me a lot.

Your condition may vary due to a variety of factors, but I am aware of it, am actively managing it, and will continue to monitor and preserve your food and health.

The pregnancy passed smoothly, and I did not suffer from any complications. I only gained about six kilograms. But because of my body’s nature, it does not gain weight easily. However, my doctor advises against gaining excessive weight as it can impact the time of childbirth due to the accumulation of fat in the pelvic area, which narrows the pelvis.


One day in the ninth month, I experienced mild menstrual pain, which I ignored due to its frequent occurrence in the third trimester. However, I discovered that these contractions disappear and reappear every five minutes. Here I did the following:


    • With some dates, I drank a warm beverage.

    • Before going to the hospital, I tried to distract myself by doing something so I cooked.

    • I took a hot bath.

    • When the contractions came closer and the pain increased, I went to the hospital.

    • I ensured that all hospital supplies were ready, including the delivery bag, several months ago.

At the hospital:


    • Here, I made a fetal heart rate monitor. Throughout the delivery period, it was around my stomach.

    • I was constantly moving and using a birthing ball that I used to sit on even before, as it helps pregnant women sit upright.

    • Calm down. You don’t need to scream; it drains your energy.

    • And at the time of the intense contractions here, the fetal waters came out (and this differs from one person to another).

Your body is well-prepared to undergo this experiment. You just need to guide it and prepare it earlier with healthy life habits.

A few hours later, my baby was in my arms. Thanks to God for the grace we received and the ability to have a child. That’s why I referred to it as “my best personal experience.” Even with some difficulties, it went smoothly, and yours will go as smoothly as mine, and you will be so blessed holding your bundle of joy.

Although my pregnancy experience may not be the same as other women’s, I wrote this to assist other women in overcoming their stress and fear during what should be a truly special time.

Keep in mind that what you believe in will happen, so always have positive thoughts and imagine the best scenarios ever. Next, read about what to expect after birth, as well as some information about postpartum depression.

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