How to use pregnancy pillowHow to use pregnancy pillow

Pregnancy pillows are becoming increasingly popular, and some pregnant women ask many questions about whether to use them and if they will help them sleep comfortably. According to my personal experience, this was my best companion throughout the gestational period, and I used it even after birth to sit on it for support while breastfeeding. 

This period can be a difficult time for many women, especially when finding comfortable sleeping positions. One of the best solutions is to use a pregnancy pillow, which provides support and comfort during this special time.

Having a good night’s sleep is so important, especially at this stage. It makes you so prepared for the next day, and it is the best way for your body to relax and perform all the necessary functions while sleeping in a dark, comfortable place.

In this article, we will discuss how to use a pregnancy pillow, the benefits of using one, and what types are available.

There are a lot of specially designed cushions that offer extra support for pregnant women. Its unique shape, which respects the body’s curves, allows it to provide comfort and support in areas where a regular pillow may not be able to reach. 

The most common type is the full-length pillow (U shape); however, other options such as wedge-shaped, C, U, and J-shaped are also available. Depending on your body shape, your sleeping habits, and your bed size, you can choose what meets your needs.

There are a lot of benefits to using them even in normal daily life, including back pain relief, better alignment of the spine during sleep, improved circulation, and reduced acid reflux or heartburn symptoms. Additionally, they can help you achieve a more comfortable sleeping position, reducing the risk of developing muscle pain or cramps.

Full-length pillows are ideal for side sleepers since they need an extra place on your bed. To get the most out of this type, you can wrap your arms around it before finding a comfortable sleeping position. This will allow you to shift positions with little movement during sleep, making it easier to achieve restful sleep throughout the night. It is preferred to place it between your knees to help you be more comfortable and aligned. 

I started using a U-shaped cushion every day in the third trimester, after birth, and even while breastfeeding. I couldn’t imagine sleeping without it because it allowed me to sleep continuously and comfortably. Even if you want to change your sleeping position, you will feel surrounded and protected from all sides. Yes, the U-shape is a bit grand, so if you have a small bed, it may crowd it, but I appreciate having it.

If you are used to sleeping on your stomach, you can use it to make a hole for your belly, but this sleeping habit may have negative consequences for your spine and neck. Feeling a strong or sudden movement in your belly while sleeping (baby kicking or moving) in an incorrect position is an indication that the position bothers him and may cause harm to him. Different types of sleeping cushions will ease this problem, but try gradually changing your sleeping habits to prevent further problems, especially spinal problems.

When using a wedge-shaped pillow during pregnancy, it is important to place it underneath your regular cushion and elevate your head slightly. This will help support your neck and spine, reduce symptoms such as acid reflux and heartburn, and keep your spine properly aligned. 

Finally, C- or J-shaped pillows can also be used. They can replace the full-length or the U-shaped cushion, especially if you don’t have enough space on your bed. When using those types, you will not be fully surrounded; either it will be around your belly, passing through your legs, or surrounding your back, passing through your legs as well. This will keep your spine properly aligned throughout the night and reduce any discomfort caused by incorrect sleeping positions.
Using gestational cushions can be an effective way to achieve more comfortable sleep. By understanding the benefits and different types available, you can find the one that is right for you. With the help of these pillows, you can get the restful sleep you need to stay healthy all the time, even when you take a nap, because it is so relaxing. They can also be useful after birth, as you can use them to support your back and hands while breastfeeding and while sitting.
Consider covering them so that when they need to be cleaned, you only need to wash the sheet. It will be your preferred cushion, so take care of it.

However, if you experience persistent or worsening pain, it is important to consult your doctor for advice. You may have other problems that you are not aware of and that may worsen during this period.

Yes, with a supportive sleeping cushion and a comfortable sleeping position, your pain must be reduced or relieved, but if not, don’t hesitate to get medical advice.
Aside from what we mentioned earlier, having a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, exercising regularly (even if you just keep on walking regularly), and breathing fresh air daily will have a direct positive impact on you and your baby.

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