pregnancy and childbirthpregnancy and childbirth

The father has many important roles during pregnancy and childbirth. He is the closest person who can support his wife, ease her burden, and assist her during her weaknesses.

A husband is the woman’s partner and supporter, starting from the time they decide to live together. He has an important role in supporting his partner during pregnancy and childbirth. If he is a good supporter, most of their life problems will be resolved, and all difficulties will pass when facing them together.

How can we pass by the father’s role? He is the closest to his wife and most knowledgeable about her condition at this time, and he is the primary person responsible for her and his child until she regains her strength.

The father’s role during pregnancy and childbirth:

During pregnancy:

A woman goes through several changes, the most important of which are hormonal changes that play a major role in her emotions (this may lead to postpartum depression), so the supportive partner should:

  • Understands her precarious condition.
  • Helps her pass this stage smoothly.
  • Does not detract from her and be more knowledgeable about her.
  • He has to read a lot to know about pregnancy and childbirth, as well as the psychological preparation for this time.
  • Participate in the housework and reduce her burden.
  • Participate in medical follow-ups to help the father feel fatherhood in these early moments. In some countries, there are also preparatory courses for both fathers and mothers to prepare them for childbirth.

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Time of birth:
This procedure differs from one country to another. At this time, the father’s role during pregnancy and childbirth is so special, and he is the only one who should share this period with his wife. He takes care of the baby while the woman regains her energy and strength. He accompanies her and shares everything about this moment that concerns both.

During labor pains, not much can be done, but her partner can help her walk, move, and take a hot bath before going to the hospital, and make sure to take everything the mother and child need.

After birth:
The father’s role during pregnancy and childbirth continues even after birth; he must participate in everything related to his child and his partner/wife.

At this stage, the mother is more vulnerable and needs her husband. If there is any disagreement, a solution must be found before considering pregnancy, as we mentioned earlier.
The partner must help in taking care of his wife as much as possible by trying to facilitate her needs, such as helping in preparing meals and getting some fruits and vegetables to nourish the breastfeeding mother so she can nourish her baby as well.

Each father must learn how to take care of his child, change his diapers, feed him, calm him, etc. Taking care of a baby cannot be done by one person alone, as it is supposed to have his mother’s and father’s care and love. The baby can feel parental care and love in his early days.
How beautiful it is to find support from the closest person, who is supposed to be a supporter and a partner. Thanks to every responsible father.

Life is supposed to be built on love, care, and sharing, so when we find those, we feel satisfied and happy, especially for mothers who go through a hard time and a new responsibility.

At this moment, she needs someone who’s close to her and who feels what she passes through, someone who helps her take care of herself to maintain a healthy life and helps her take care of the baby.

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